Ceramic Pottery - 3 legged Casserole
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9" tall x 11" diameter hand-painted 3-legged casserole depicting three sculptured cheetah standing in an outcropping of boulders as they survey the savanna for wildlife, quite close to a sculptured tree with colorful birds perched among the green leaves. A sculptured giraffe and large bull elephant take notice, while a second sculptured giraffe is occupied with colorful birds sitting in a tree sprouting green leaves, as a lone (hand-painted) zebra is walking nearby. A dense forest surrounds the savanna. Sculptured on the lid are two cheetah sitting on an outcropping of boulders and clumps of tall grass, while gazing intently across the savanna. The rim of the lid, top of the bowl and the 3 legs are all decorated in a colorful geometric pattern. Hand-painted by Sam.

  • Item #: IACP 2008-160

Ceramic Pottery - 3 legged Casserole

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