Ceramic Pottery - Large Maseko Casserole
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11" tall x 13" diameter hand-painted large Maseko casserole depicting assorted African wildlife, colorful birds and fauna in an African savanna scene. The hand-painted large casserole bowl is suspended 2.5 " above the surface, on the backs of two rhino and two large trees with green leaves bearing lemon and lime colored fruit . Two giraffe and two zebras, along with three sculptured tree-borne guinea fowl, and a variety of colorful birds complete the galloping parade of sculptured wildlife. Hand-painted zebra are seen grazing in the tall savanna grass. A dense stand of trees circles the savanna. Sculptured on the lid is a prancing zebra and rhino, along with a guinea fowl sitting on a tree limb bearing lime colored fruit and green leaves. A hand-painted tree stump and clumps of tall grass completes the scene. The rim of the lid is decorated in a colorful geometric pattern. Hand-painted by E. Kawina.

  • Item #: IACP 2009-122

Ceramic Pottery - Large Maseko Casserole

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