Ceramic Pottery - Large Ubuntu Casserole
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A hand-sculptured and hand-painted large Ubuntu casserole depicting a cape buffalo who is caught in the middle of a leopard chasing two zebra on the African Savanna. Colorful birds, including a Hoopoe are perched among the flowering trees. Three sculptured giraffe, which includes a mother giraffe with her baby, along with a preening giraffe, are seen moving among dense foliage and flowering trees. The trees are sporting green leaves with yellow flowers and red fruit. The casserole's rim and the edge of the cover are depicted with a hand-painted geometric design of alternating blue green trimmings, with white dots.  Hand-sculptured by Englebert and hand-painted by E. Kawina.

  • Item #: IACP 2010-316

Ceramic Pottery - Large Ubuntu Casserole

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