Ceramic Pottery - Small Casserole
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7" tall X 8" diameter hand-sculptured and hand-painted small casserole depicting two sculptured zebras walking behind a lone rhino, along a dirt path. While two sculptured elephants trumpet their displeasure toward a (sculptured) giraffe standing in the path.  Two colorful sculptured birds are seen perched on the limbs of a large tree filled with red berries, while a hand-painted zebra is standing close to a boulder, on the far side of the tree. Tall river grasses surround a stand of trees and a dense forest frames the opposite shore-line. Flocks of birds flying high in the sky completes the scene. A prancing zebra and resting elephant are sculptured on the lid, in a clearing surrounded by two large boulders and clumps of tall grass. The top of the casserole and lid rim are decorated in colorful geometric patterns. Hand-sculptured by Englebert and hand-painted by Sam.

  • Item #: IACP 2010-123

Ceramic Pottery - Small Casserole

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